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EasiAir™ - Portable Tire Pump

EasiAir™ - Portable Tire Pump

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"I have a very slow leak in my front left tire and it has been such a hassle going to the gas station every morning afternoon and evening only to have to do it again the next day. Now I no longer have to just simply keep this in my glove box and check my pressure right in the palm of my hand. On the chance I am low and need a quick refill I can also do that all from this compact device."

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When having to be somewhere on time, there’s nothing worse than seeing the low tire pressure indicator. Going somewhere to get your tires pumped can take precious time, and carrying around a massive car pump everywhere can be a huge hassle. Not to mention driving around with low tire pressure can be dangerous and wear out your tires much quicker.

Introducing the EasiAir™ - Portable Tire Pump, it features a unique compact portable design that can automatically detect pressure, helping to deliver the fastest of inflation times on the go.  Features a 2400mAh rechargeable battery so it's ready to use when you need it most. Easily fit anywhere in the car, about the length of a smartphone. With the push of one button, your tire is ready to go in as little as three minutes saving you time.




✅ BLAZINGLY FAST INFLATION: Inflate your tires in as little as three minutes with double-sided air intakes. This groundbreaking technology allows you to save time when you're in a pinch.

COMPACT PORTABLE DESIGN: The Effortless Air - Portable Tire Pump was cleverly designed to be extremely compact. Easily fit in any compartment of your car so you will always have it when you need it.


ADVANCED BATTERY TECHNOLOGY: 2400mAh battery allows you to conveniently pump your tires on the go. No more hassle of having to plug in a cable to your car’s cigarette lighter like traditional car pumps.

MULTIPURPOSE APPLICATION: Not only is this an amazing device for car tires but it can be used for other inflatables too. From motorcycles, bicycles, sports balls, to even air mattresses, the EasiAir™ - Portable Tire Pump can do it all!

SAFE AT NIGHT: The EasiAir™ - Portable Tire Pump includes LED lighting that makes you visible to oncoming traffic and ensures your safety. This LED light can be used to send out an SOS in case of an accident.


  1. Install the corresponding air nozzle according to what item you’re inflating.
  2. Press the M key to select the item you would like to inflate.
  3. Connect the air nozzle to the item and press the OK button to start inflation.
  4. When the tire is done inflating simply pull out the air nozzle.

We understand how frustrating it can be when you’re racing to be somewhere on time. You get in your car and then get hit with low tire pressure. You’re already running late and now you have to go find somewhere to fill up your tires. A recent study shows that underinflated tires will wear out by up to 25% faster and cause you to have to go through the hassle of replacing your tires much more frequently. 

Thankfully with The EasiAir™ - Portable Tire Pump, you’ll no longer be looking for somewhere to fill up your tires at the last minute, so you can get to places on time. Due to its small compact size and the 2400mAh battery, you can always have it on you as it conveniently fits anywhere in your car. The days of waiting for the tire pump are no more, pump where and when you need to. Take back control and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing drive knowing you are getting the most out of your tires. 


Height: 5.5 in

Width: 3.07 in

Length: 1.57 in



(1) X EasiAir™ - Portable Tire Pump Device

(3) X Air Nozzles

(1) X Air Hose

(1) X USB Charging Cable

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