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Tired of seeing pet hair & lint stuck on freshly washed clothes? 

Forget to take that Kleenex out of a pocket?‍

Don't worry

Just add MoveIt™ into the washing machine 

All lint and fluff will disappear

Try this practical Filter Net Bag, which removes lint, hair, and debris from the washing machine to make your clothes cleaner.
Clothes Suggested quantity
2-4 pieces Put 2 Filter Net Bag
5-7 pieces Put 3 Filter Net Bag
8-10 pieces Put 4 Filter Net Bag


  • Washing Machine Hair Catcher:
    The MoveIt™ features a cone-shaped mesh net that collects fur, hair, lint, dander, and other debris from your clothing. Enjoy freshly clean and lint-free clothes with minimal effort. 

  • Easy to Use:
    Add MoveIt™ to your laundry loads and watch your clothes wash super clean and debris free.
  • Clothing Safe Material:
    100% safe for all clothing. Made of non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, reusable, and self-cleaning material. 


  • Material: Polyester+PP
  • Color: Pink/Blue/Purple
  • Size: 17.5*9.2cm
  • Weight: 25g
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