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U Brushy 360

U Brushy 360

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Having a hard time teaching your child to brush their teeth?

Let your child fall in love with teeth brushing!

This cute and interesting toothbrush makes brushing much more fun. 


Kids won't hate brushing anymore - Brushing teeth with a regular toothbrush can be a pain for kids, which leads to bad breath and unhealthy teeth. The U Brushy 360™ will help you teach your child how to brush their teeth and have a healthy mouth.

  • Simple Steps to Brush Teeth - Shake the toothpaste before squeezing around the brush then pop the toothbrush inside your kid's mouth and just sway left to right. Rinse after using. This is so easy to use they'll be brushing their teeth regularly by themselves in no time at all!

Main Features:

  • CREATIVE U-SHAPED DESIGN - Ergonomic U-shaped brush head, suitable for children. uniquely designed for children’s tender gums and sensitive teeth.
  • PACIFIER GRADE SILICONE MATERIALS - Soft pacifier grade silicone, soft brim around the teeth 360 degrees, providing a comfortable feeling of brushing and effective deep cleaning, will not harm the gumsprotects children’s enamel.
  • CUTE DESIGN - Cute and interesting appearance of the toothbrush makes children more interested in brushing their teeth. This helps your kids be willing to brush their teeth longer, developing healthy brushing habits.
  • COMFORT & SAFETY - Easy grip handles provide comfort and control. Two cute colors. Safe, convenient and easy to use at home during travel.



  • Size:4.5cm x 9cm (1.8*3.6 In) | 5cm x 12cm (1.97*4.92 In)
  • Color: Blue / Pink /  Bunny Blue / Bunny Pink / Bunny Cyan Blue
  • Weight: 0.2 lbs.
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