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SpotlessSprint Laundry Companion - FREE Shipping Today Only!

SpotlessSprint Laundry Companion - FREE Shipping Today Only!

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SpotlessSprint: Your Ultimate Laundry Companion - Effortlessly Clean Clothes On-the-Go, Anytime, Anywhere! Say Hello to Freshness, Farewell to Laundry Worries!

The SpotlessSprint - Laundry Companion is here to transform your laundry routine, making it faster, easier, and more convenient than ever before.

Efficiently clean adult and children's clothing or take it on holiday with its lightweight design and portability you won't have to worry about space

With a Mini Washer, you can bid farewell to piles of dirty clothes and say hello to spotless freshness whenever and wherever you desire.

Already got wet clothes? Put them in the dry cycle and you'll have them ready in minutes!

Small apartments or dorm rooms: In compact living spaces where there is limited room for large appliances, our Mini Washer is a practical solution. It allows individuals to wash their clothes without the need for shared laundry facilities or visiting a laundromat.

Traveling or extended stays: When traveling for an extended period or staying in accommodations such as hotels, vacation rentals, or Airbnb properties, having a portable washing machine can save time and money. It provides the convenience of doing laundry without relying on external facilities.

Camping or RVing: SpotlessSprint - Laundry Companion is popular among campers and RV owners who want to do laundry while on the go. They can easily wash clothes, towels, or other washable items without the need for a laundromat.

Single-person households: For individuals living alone, SpotlessSprint can be a convenient option. It enables the need to not wait for a full load or invest in a larger washing machine.

Elderly or disabled individuals: People with limited mobility or physical disabilities may find it challenging to visit laundromats or handle heavy loads.SpotlessSprint offers the convenience of washing clothes at home with minimal effort.


Flat Pack design built to be stored easily under any sink/ cupboard or safe storage place

Extra long-lasting durability built to withstand thousands of spin cycles

Bacteria and efficient stain removal Via its built-in UV light

Engineered to be portable

Over 8L capacity


Your Mini Washer can be powered from anywhere!

- Perfect for holidays fits in any suitcase or luggage

- Easily fits in a hotel room 

- Take it camping or when traveling on the road

Compact & Portable: 29.5 x 14.5 CM and weighing ONLY 2.4KG makes it the perfect size for easy storage and lightweight travel

RPM: 800RPM cycle makes our device powerful enough to almost compete with modern household washing machines

Load Size: The SpotlessSprint - Laundry Companion can hold a capacity of 8L

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