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YummiGummi™ Fruit Feeder & Teething Pacifier

YummiGummi™ Fruit Feeder & Teething Pacifier

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Introducing the perfect solution for teething babies - our Fruit Feeder Pacifier, designed to soothe sore gums while introducing the delicious flavors of fresh fruits! You simply have to place diced fruit or vegetables, even frozen foods in our YummiGummi™, snap it shut and you're ready to go!

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You can also use your YummiGummi™ to make milk pops! Fill them with the lid attached and put them in the freezer. The nipple is then filled with frozen milk. Just run a little warm water on them to melt off the excess.

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  • Lovely Gift For Parents And Parents-To-Be: Our BABY FRUIT FEEDER PACIFIER is a wonderful gift to parents and parents-to-be, and any of your loved ones whose babies or kids are going through the teething phase. With the BABY FRUIT FEEDER PACIFIER, their little ones can experience a hassle-free introduction to solid food.
  • Stress-Free Cleaning And Storage: Our BABY FRUIT FEEDER PACIFIER holders are designed for stress-free cleaning. You may choose from 3 cleaning options: boil to sterilize, wash with mild soap and warm water, load in a dishwasher.
  • Compact: Perfect small handle lets every baby enjoy the food by themselves.
  • Durable: Our BABY FRUIT FEEDER PACIFIER is made from excellent silicone material and food-grade plastic.


  • Material: PP, silicone
  • Colors: pink, yellow, green, blue
  • Total Size: 110x50mm
  • Nipple Size: S: 33x23mm, M: 33x29mm, L: 33x33mm
  • Suitable Age: S: 3-6 months, M: 6-12 months, L: above 1 year


  • 1x Yummi Gummi Pacifier comes with 3 teats, S, M & L
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